Making it REAL

Raising Early Achievement in Literacy 

Making it REAL is based on the REAL approach and ORIM framework developed by Cathy Nutbrown and Peter Hannon at the University of Sheffield.

From 2009-12, the Early Childhood Unit (ECU) at NCB collaborated with the University of Sheffield, and Oldham and Sheffield local education authorities, on the successful three-year lottery-funded Making it REAL project: this has had a powerful impact on children's educational outcomes.

REAL leaflet

ECU has developed Making it REAL training based on the partnership project in Sheffield and Oldham, and this is now available to commission as part of a two-day training and consultancy package. In addition, funding from the DfE National Prospectus Grant (2013-2015) will enable a national rollout of free training, available to groups and individuals.

Making it REAL training enables practitioners to use the REAL evidence-based approach that reaches out to parents and families, building confidence and knowledge to support the early home learning environment: this has been shown to have a powerful impact on children's outcomes and on family literacy practice.   

To find out about free, DfE-funded Making it REAL training for groups or individuals please visit the ECU website, or email or call  0207 833 6807 for booking information.

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