The PEAL programme has been organised into a facilitated training day with pre-course preparation activities. The preparatory activities enable practitioners to reflect on practice and look at what is already happening in settings. These activities are contained in a pre-course book of PEAL activities, which is sent to practitioners a month before their training day. They are designed to take place in a practitioner's own setting and to be worked on over the equivalent of one day, fitting in with other work requirements.

The training day is participative and led by an experienced trainer. Practitioners work in groups of up to twenty. Exercises are designed to take them through a process; reflecting on what it's like for parents and what support can be offered. They look at how their own attitudes may hinder or help engagement. Examples of what others are doing are shared, skills are practised and plans made. The training programme is explained and all the resources used are contained in the PEAL training guide.

Throughout the programme, key elements of the PEAL model - authentic relationships, communication and partnership - are examined and related to current research into what works best and why. The PEAL reader gives an overview of the PEAL training day and more information on the research that informed the key elements of the model.

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