PEAL Practice Examples – September 2008

PEAL invited practitioners from children's centres, who attended PEAL training 2006-07, to apply for funding to develop parent partnership projects. 

Some of the projects have been selected and produced as new PEAL practice examples. Fifteen are published here in PDF format and can be downloaded. 

These complement the existing thirty examples of practice from early years settings, contained in the PEAL training pack. The new projects serve to demonstrate how the PEAL framework has encouraged reflection on practice, and how some of the ideas from PEAL have been used, adapted, or have inspired new ways of working that match the needs of local communities.

We would like to thank the participating centres and the following PEAL trainers who helped in the development, writing and editing of the examples: - Keith Phillips, Fiona Weir, Carleen Schofield, Cathy Hamer, Jude Holby, Joanna Marshall, Paul Cutler and Kim Bevan

Sharing music with families
Including parents in international music-making sessions; developing music packs for use at home
[PDF 586KB]

Sharing books with families
Supporting reading at home; setting up a family book and DVD library and developing learning sacks
[PDF 504KB]

Sharing observations with parents - digital cameras
Lending digital cameras to parents and children - to share observations about learning and home activities
[PDF 245KB]

Parents' story sack and video group
Parents designing, making and using story sacks with children; using video to share observations on learning
[PDF 493KB]

Play at home - reaching out to families
An outreach, home visiting project - to develop play and learning at home for 0-4 year olds
[PDF 245KB]

Home visits with story sacks
Taking story sacks into children's homes, modelling story telling
[PDF 192KB]

Dads' Club - sensory garden
Encouraging fathers to get involved in their young child's learning through a gardening project
[PDF 470KB]

Saturday sessions - sharing observations with video
Using video to share observations - small groups on Saturdays for working parents
[PDF 189KB]

Little Learners at home - transition to nursery
A transition group before entry to nursery - extending support for learning into the home through activity packs and home portfolios
[PDF 175KB]

All Wrapped Up - reaching out to families
Taking families to the local museum; using cameras to record and observe 
[PDF 501KB]

Gardening with Parents
Involving parents and children in a gardening project; increasing awareness of the value of outdoor play
[PDF 471KB]

Toy Library
Setting up a toy and book library - supporting and extending learning at home
[PDF 190KB]

Story Sack Library
Establishing a stroy sack library; running sessions to model story telling - using community languages
[PDF 176KB]

Activity Boxes
Working with parents to develop play boxes for home loan; sharing observations on play and learning
[PDF 1371KB]

Let's Play Together
Running parent workshops to share understandings about learning through play - keeping families engaged
[PDF 284KB]